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We Manufacture and Install the following: Fencing, Gates, Labour Rails, Automation, CCTV • Building Management Systems, Access Control and Time & Attendance Systems


01. Strategic

We work closely with you to find a solution for your need within your budget.

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Our team of loyal of tecnicians have been with us for over 12 years….

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What We Do Best


All types of Fencing, Insallation & Maintenance



Custom Design, Manufacturing & Installation


Labour Rails

Made according to specific needs and requirements



For your Security and Ease of Access



Top of the range Surveillance Systems


Prevent unlawful entry and monitoring staff and visitor activity


Biometric fingerprint and iris readers, which are integrated into your existing Payroll systems

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Electric Fencing

A fence consisting of one or more lengths of wire energized with high-voltage, low-current pulses, and giving a warning shock when touched. It is a barrier that uses electric shocks to deter animals or people from crossing a boundary.

Clear Vu Fencing

ClearVu fencing is an invisible wall fencing system, one of the most attractive forms of security fencing systems. Considered the most advanced type of fencing currently. Highly transparent, difficult to cut and difficult to climb. It is designed to bring maximum perimeter protection to a site without comprising visibility.


With a spacing of only 30cm between vertical stay wires, the new BONNOX Close Mesh will positively stop most game including bushbuck, steenbok, red duiker and jackal as well as dogs. This compares with the usual 1,5m spacing between droppers in case of ordinary steel wires which permit most small game to penetrate the fence.

Weld Mesh

In welded mesh the weft and warp wires are mechanically welded where they intersect, yielding great strength and keeping the mesh size precise. Welded fencing mesh adds a new dimension to industrial and domestic security due to its rigid and robust quality construction.


We provide aesthetically pleasing high security permanent fencing for industrial and residential premises.

Razor Wire

Razor wire with sharp cutting edges, typically stretched in coils as a barricade or atop fences.

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All types of gates to meet your specifications. We manufacture any type of gate to meet your needs.

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Labour Rails

Our Labour Rails are made according to your specific needs and requirements and are customised to fit all makes and models.

We offer special features like side steps, side gates and cattle cages.

Painted or galvanized options are available.

great value for money and will improve your vehicles utilization

Simple to assemble and fit

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Gate Motors

Battery backup. Potent push force Intelligent speed control. Rapid and smooth opening and closing. Exceptionally easy system set up via LCD user interface On board NOVA (Keeloq TM encryption) multi channel receiver with selective delete. Multiple operating features including alarm modes.


Intercom Systems

The POLOphone is a uniquely styled intercom system that offers outstanding features, state of the art design and excellent value for money. The POLOphone is also a proud winner of the prestigious SABS Design Institute’s Design Excellence.


Keypad Systems

For stand-alone access control at an entrance to a property, or inside a building, Intellisec offers the SMARTGUARD keypad which affordably delivers unmatched functionality and reliability. The SMARTGUARD keypad can accommodate up to 1000 unique PIN codes with any user-defined length from one to ten digits. There are three separate outputs, each configurable to either latching or non-latching.


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Closed Circuit Television Systems

We take pride in installing CCTV systems that deliver both clarity and ease of use for clients in every sector of industry.

We encourage clients to consider IP (Internet Protocol) CCTV systems which deliver unparalleled image clarity, or an analogue system with a high-performance DVR (digital video recorder). We would be happy to discuss the respective advantages and costs of both options with you.

We design CCTV systems to meet your requirements and to meet your budget. Our flexible finance packages make it affordable for most organisations to install a good-quality system which pays dividends from Day One.

Equipment is installed to a quality level as detailed in our installation standards and will not be signed off by our technical management until it meets these criteria in every respect. 

All of the systems we install are serviced regularly by our technical staff to ensure that you get the quality image you need for the life of the system. 


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Access Control

RF Asset tracking Preventing unlawful entry and monitoring staff and visitor activity on site plays a huge role in improving safety and restricting losses.

Intellisec’s access control options include:

  • Boom Gate Access
  • Biometric Access Control Points
  • Tag Access Control Points

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Time & Attendence Solutions

Intellisec makes use of biometric fingerprint and iris readers, which are integrated into your existing payroll systems.

Our user-friendly T&A systems produce detailed management reports which can lead to wage savings one would never have thought possible.

We have systems to suit the application and budget of any company  from small, owner-managed concerns to national, multi-site organisations.